NP Hunt is a writer from Greater Manchester, UK, who currently lives in Oldham with his wife and their beautiful dog (Quinzel). He writes poetry, short stories and articles on a wide range of subjects. After writing for several websites and an online magazine back in 2014, he started to share some of his creative writing. His first book of poetry, ‘Immortalised In Ink’, is available now.

Having battled depression and social anxiety for most of his adult life, he often incorporates mental health themes, experience and information into various aspects of his work. This includes poetry about depression and recovery, as well as characters and elements in short stories etc.

He has recently been writing a novel, which he hopes to finish later this year, and has also been building a website about true crime and crime fiction, which should be ready to launch in the next few months.

Please check back for more details.

If you wish to contact NP Hunt, you can send a message using the contact form below: