Immortalised In Ink – A Book Of Poetry – By N.P. Hunt (SIGNED PAPERBACK)


Immortalised In Ink’ is the first book to be published by NP Hunt. This collection of dark, lyrical poetry is heavily inspired by the likes of William Blake, Edgar Allen Poe, Ted Hughes and Emily Dickinson (plus many more). A mixture of structured rhyming poetry and free verse, with poems that will appeal to a wide range of poetry readers.


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Taking its name from lines in two of the poems (one about Andy Warhol’s life and artistic legacy, the other about writing as a form of catharsis), ‘Immortalised In Ink’ includes a mixture of styles, subjects and influences. The poems are incredibly varied and will appeal to a wide range of poetry readers. Although mostly dark and brutally emotional, it also includes uplifting and inspiring pieces, covering all extremes of emotion and human experience. With poems about art and creativity, love, betrayal, depression, recovery, friendship and much, much more.

(Cover art by Ria Fend – Copyright 2020)

Praise For ‘Immortalised In Ink’

“N.P. Hunt’s words paint a greyscale portrait of the struggles of a young man dealing with mental illness and facing uncertainties of life. The poetry is brutally truthful and abrasively hopeful. A very brave and vulnerable book.”

J.M. Ritch – Poet and author of ‘The Heart Is A Tree Cut Down’

“There is an eloquence and elegance in these poems that is quite breathtaking. A wonderful, sometimes ethereal, trip into the darker reaches of all our minds. Very striking and haunting. I am stunned by the poetry and invention, simultaneously envious and admiring of the writing. Highly recommended. The use of language, the passion of the work contained herein is sometimes breathtaking. If I wore a hat I’d be raising it in salute. A great collection of dark, disturbing and always heart-felt thoughts, brought blazingly to life. The best writing comes from deep inside, from a need to exorcise feelings and thoughts and these poems are one of the finest examples of that. Great use of language. Each one is crafted beautifully and together, they make a collection that resonates long after you put them down.”

Shaun Hutson – Iconic horror writer and author of ‘Slugs’, ‘Breeding Ground’, ‘Spawn’, and ‘Testament’

“From historical narratives and nostalgic interludes, to epistolary accounts and castigations of the muse, every poem pulses with raw feeling. Immortalised in Ink is a hauntingly evocative and strikingly personal collection of remarkable poetry from a name we are destined to one day find very familiar.”

Kealan Patrick Burke – Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of ‘Kin’ and ‘Sour Candy’

“This is quite the debut. N.P. Hunt’s poetry will change your outlook on poetry. He has this amazing ability to pull you in and leaving you wanting more. Personally, I am not a fan of structured rhymes. However, Hunt’s wordplay & storytelling is so very unique and beautiful, that it kept me intrigued. And although structured, it does have stellar moments where he breaks from that, and you get to really see what he’s capable of. This is a book you definitely want to check out, to see exactly what poetry can be. I’m already looking forward to future works by him. I am an instant fan.”

Liian Varus – Poet and author of ‘Oh, To Be Human’ and ‘Is Stranged’

“In NP Hunt’s poetry – which I think is best read aloud, the words rolling on your tongue, your pause and breath responding to his meaning – I found a deep joy in his examination of what it is to be an artist, a creator and a human being. He’s taken the candle of his imagination into some dark places and from them has pulled poetry which I found echoes my own experiences. There are many truths here.”

Nicholas Vince – Actor (Chatterer from Hellraiser), Writer of ‘What Monsters Do’ and ‘Other People’s Darkness’

“I found myself moved by N.P. Hunt’s Immortalised in Ink. The collected volume of dark poetry focuses on how people deal with loneliness and depression, and while it’s hardly an uplifting read, it still packs one heck of a punch….
Because depression manifests itself differently depending on the individual, most of the poems collected throughout Immortalised in Ink addressed the various ways in which people can be affected.
Anyone who has ever suffered from insomnia (as a writer, I’ve been there), will resonate strongly with Insomniac’s Lament, which reflects upon how the mind of an insomniac will constantly dwell on dark and depressing thoughts as they lay in bed unable to sleep…
The book takes its name from a line in When We Need to Bleed, which was a particularly depressing entry about self-harm. Which is never an easy topic to address, so we have to commend Hunt for tackling it head on instead of just giving it a passing mention.
Because it’s 2020, there was also a poem titled COVID-19 (The First Days), which highlights Hunt’s cynical attitude towards how the government has largely treated minimum wage workers as expendable while also praising the healthcare professionals who have so tirelessly fought to protect those infected with the disease. This was arguably one of the hardest hitting inclusions in the entire volume, and seeing as the real-life situation with COVID-19 only seems to getting worse, it will probably linger in your mind longer than you would like it to.
The book ends on a message of hope, with the final poem literally being titled Happy, and being about how friends can help to alleviate depression. It’s great to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re glad the finale reminded us that depression can be beaten.
Immortalised in Ink is a daring volume which delves into the darkest corners of the human mind. It addresses the topic of depression in such a bold and unflinching way that it demands your immediate attention.
Verdict: Immortalised in Ink still offers an unflinching look at the horrors of depression. Depression is widely seen as a taboo topic in modern society and we have to commend Hunt for making people aware of the effects it can have on people’s lives through the medium of poetry.

4.5 out of 5.”

David Gelmini – Dread Central

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