Short Stories

  • The Basement At Buddy’s Bar
    When Tom & Priya Warwick first pitched the idea of buying Buddy’s Bar to the loan officer at the bank, they had gotten the exact look from him that they had expected. A quizzical stare, which seemed to both condescend and question their sanity from beneath a single raised eyebrow. The look had faded when they had explained their idea …

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  • In The Hanging Woods
    A horror story based on traditional mythology and folklore. In the woods at the edge of a small town, the local children believe that the trees have come to life and are kidnapping humans. The local adults dismiss the idea of anything paranormal, but they are also afraid of the woods, for reasons they can’t seem to explain.
  • Thy Will Be Done
    When an angel defies God’s instructions for processing humans into the afterlife, they are cast down to earth and imprisoned in a statue. From here, they are sentenced to watch the evils of man until their stone prison is reduced to dust. But are the humans as bad as God remembers? And can the imprisoned angel still be seen for what they really are?
  • The Intrepid Explorer
    Thomas Visser is an experienced explorer, adventurer and treasure hunter, with many successful missions behind him. But facing death on a daily basis may be about to catch up to him, as his latest mission comes under threat of a sudden end.
  • The Family Trip
    After enduring years of abuse from an unappreciative family, Steve is determined to give the family one last trip to relive better times, whether they like the idea or not.
  • Amongst The Hordes
    In a future where religion has completely died out, a teacher is confronted by a being who claims to be a disillusioned and angry god.